The Bauhaus, LLC

The Bauhaus Studio, located in the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, is a monthly oil painting workshop for beginners through advanced painters. The Bauhaus method focuses on color accuracy and mark-making. Although the studio is only 8 years old, there’s over 35 years of experience behind it. The Bauhaus has had hundreds of students who have expressed their positive experiences of learning and growing at the studio. Sign up for a workshop today!
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    Registration Agreement
    All materials required to produce an oil painting on canvas are included in the price of admission, including the instruction of painter David Anthony Hummer. Each workshop offered consists of 4, three-hour classes meeting once per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Workshops typically begin the first week of each month. Subject to availability, you may choose to be in the Monday or Tuesday night workshop from 6pm-9pm or the Tuesday morning workshop from 9am-12pm.


    12,13,19,20,26,27,August 2,3
    13,14,20,21,27,28,October 4,5
    11,12,18,19,25,26,November 1,2
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    Terms and Conditions
    1. Registration.
    Registration is not officially complete without full payment. Spaces will not be reserved for students who have not paid in full. Individuals will be placed on a waiting list should classes be full at the time of registration. They will be notified of availability in the event of a cancellation. Registration fees are nonrefundable unless The Bauhaus, LLC cancels the workshop. At that time, students will receive a 100% refund.

    2. Attendance.
    It is essential for students to participate in each of the classes paid for in the class time(s) they enrolled in. The Bauhaus, LLC is under no obligation to make up a class missed by a student. The Bauhaus, LLC, in addition to the four consecutive classes has an “Open Studio” time of Friday nights from 5:00 to 8:00 available to all paid students currently enrolled in a workshop as a means to either make up a missed class or catch up on the painting they are working on completing in the workshop. Open Studio time is not to be used for any other purpose other than to work on a painting that is part of the current workshop.

    3. Property Damage and Theft.
    The Bauhaus, LLC is not responsible for damage or theft of any student’s personal property or paintings.

    4. Storage.
    The Bauhaus, LLC will allow students to store their paintings at the studio for a period of not more than 30 days from the last day of any workshop. This is a privilege extended to students enrolled, to ensure time for their painting to dry, at least to the touch, before transporting. Paintings not removed or claimed after the 30-day period will become the property of The Bauhaus, LLC unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to.

    5. Copyrights and Usage.
    The Bauhaus, LLC reserves the right to use photographs of students work, finished or in progress, for promotional purposes at its discretion at no cost to The Bauhaus, LLC.

    6. Termination.
    The Bauhaus, LLC may terminate a student’s enrollment in a workshop for any reason. Registration Fee is nonrefundable.

    7. Materials Included in Registration Fee.
    One-Double Oil Primed Canvas, Stretched. Any student requesting or requiring a canvas size other than the canvas included will be charged a minimum of $40.00 for a custom size at which time a quote will be provided, agreed upon and paid in full with Registration Fee. The following materials, owned by The Bauhaus, LLC, are provided for use directly pertaining to the painting being made in the workshop; One Color Photographic Print for Painting Reference,(if additional prints are required by student, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 per print), Oil Paint, Linseed Oil, Mineral Spirits/Gamsol, Palette Knives, Pencils, Pens, Rulers, Yard Sticks, Pencil Sharpener, Paper Towel, Palette, Easel, Tables, Lighting, Clear Plastic Sleeves, Brush Washer Container, Imprimatura Brushes, Trash Bins, and View Finders. Brushes are provided but remain property of the Bauhaus, LLC.

    8. Open Studio.
    Open Studio is held at The Bauhaus, LLC for any student enrolled in a current workshop, provided registration is paid in full, to work independently, with no instruction, on the painting being made in that workshop. There are 4 Open Studio sessions available each workshop period, on Fridays from 5pm-8pm. Open Studio is a privilege granted to a student by The Bauhaus, LLC and may be subject to withdrawal at any time without notice.

    9. Instructor.
    The Bauhaus, LLC reserves the right from time to time, without notice or reason, to substitute the Instructor, David Anthony Hummer, with an Instructor of its choice for any class in any workshop period.

    10. Fee.
    Workshop Fee $300

    By checking this box I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Registration Agreement.

    After you submit your entry, please pay here.

    309 McClellan Street
    Wausau, WI 54403