WMOCA International Biennial Portrait Competition 2019

Welcome to the first  WMOCA International Biennial Portrait Competition, (IBPC)! We are excited to offer this new exhibit every two years to bring the best portrait painters and sculptors from around the world to the heart of America. Serious venues for portrait and figurative painting are few and far between in the US. We believe this exhibition, as it grows, will rival that of the Smithsonian’s Outwin Boochever,  in Washington, DC, and the BP Portrait Awards, in London, England.

Works will be on exhibit at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art from April 9, through June 29, 2019.

No Admission Fee.

This year’s competition was curated by David Hummer, Executive Director of WMOCA, and Margaret Bowland, Painting Instructor, New York Academy of Art, New York, NY. Margaret will make her final selections in person on April 25.

Reception for Artists April 25 from 6-8pm. Free and open to the public!

Cash Awards

$4,000.00 Best of Show sponsored by WMOCA & PoetsArtists

$1,000.00 People’s Choice sponsored by Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists.

“Award of Excellence” sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine–One Full-Page Advertisement in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. That’s a value of $3,995.00!


Here’s the complete list of Artists and AWARDS in this year’s competition;

August Burns ~ Roller Derby Queen

Ali Cavanaugh ~ I will never let you go

Arina Gordienko ~ Illusion Partially Real

Alexander Hayden ~ Ch. XX Verse 284 (Disregard)

Amy Hughes ~ Grandfather Harry

Alayne Sahar ~ Gratitude

Alessandro Tomassetti ~ How soon is Now?

Amy Werntz ~ Carlyla Rosemary

Anna Youngers ~ Carnation

Barbara Hack ~ Madeline

Beth Peck ~ Nora in basement room HONORABLE MENTION

Caitlin Cheek ~ Strangers

Cecil Fish ~ Leanne

Daevid Anderson ~ The Mask

Debra Balchen ~ The Kiss

Donna Bates ~ Can’t Look Away

Deborah Tidwell Holtzscheiter ~ The way it is

David Kassan ~ Hanna

Dorian Vallejo ~ Clarity of thought

Daggi Wallace ~ Quiet Beauty IV

Erin Milan ~ Screen Time

Ethan Price ~ One Hundred Years

Heather Brunetti ~ Uneasy

Jan Esmann Gudenaavej ~ Barry

Jacob Hicks ~ Woman 15

JuliAnne Jonker ~ Dr. Ndely

John Kim ~ Stefano of Prato

Justyna Kisielewicz ~ Salvator Mundi

Junyi Liu ~ In dreams I open my eyes

Judith E. Peck ~ Black and White

Kurt Kreissl ~ No. 781 HONORABLE MENTION

Kara Lasiewicz ~ Alex

Kirsten Adair Westlund ~ Sunlight on a summer lake

Lucas Bononi ~ Jordán

Lorna May Wadsworth ~ William Orbit

Liana Russwurm ~ White Orchid

Mary Chiaramonte ~ Far from any road I watched you

McGarren Flack ~ Self 2018 HONORABLE MENTION

Mara Light ~ Unseen

Matt Talbert ~ Self Portrait

Nick Gebhart ~ Girl with the silver lip ring AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

Nadine Robbins ~ Serafina

Nicole Sleeth ~ Shift

Oceana Rain Stuart ~ Eternal Bliss

Olena Burykina ~ Solar Eclipse HONORABLE MENTION

Rasha Alem Gad ~ Akti 2

Ricky Mujica ~ House of the Rising Sun

Robert David Jinkins ~ The lady in green

Rachel Linnemeier ~ Sizzle

Ray Allen Parker ~ Postpunk

Teresa Brutcher ~ Tell Jr. 20 years later

Taha Clayton ~ Sage

Tanja Gant ~ Camille

Shiqing Deng  ~ Dilemma BEST OF SHOW

Victoria Herrera ~ The winter struggle of a soul

Wonmi Seo ~ The Black Curtain: Sim-san, Joong-su