a physical exhibit from April 29 – June 26, 2021

Juror David Hummer, Director of the WMOCA

Pictured above: Best of Show Award, Patricia Schappler from New Hamshire, “Bird of Paradise”, Oil on board, 24″ x 32″

Congratulations to all the artists exhibiting in this show!

Alla Bartoshchuk

Anastasiya Chybireva Fender

Arina Gordienko Honorable Mention

Alayne Sahar

Barbara Schaffner Hack Honorable Mention

Calvin Lai

Chelsie Murfee

Caroline Pool

Denise Fulton

Ding Tan

David Jamieson

Debra Lott

Daria Solar

Daggie Wallace

Elizabeth Barden

Elena Burykina

Elena Degenhardt Honorable Mention

Ellen Starr Lyon

Homeira Mortazavi

Hilary Swingle

Jenny Abraham

Jie Zhuang

JuliAnne Jonker

John Kesling

Joshua Newth

Judy Takacs Honorable Mention

Kimberly Dow

Lali Garcia

Linda Harris Reynolds

Lorena Lepori

Louise Solecki Weir Second Place Award

Michael Azgour

Michael Bergt

Marcus Callum

Mildor Chevalier

Melinda Whitmore

Nicole Duval

Nicole Woodruff Honorable Mention

Narrelle Zeller Honorable Mention

Steven Hughes

Pavel Ouporov

Patricia Schappler Best of Show Award

Ricky Mujica

Sara Gallagher

Steven Morrell

Shawn Sullivan

Teresa Butcher

Terry Strickland Third Place Award

Traci Wright Martin Honorable Mention

William Lazos

Come visit the WMOCA for its first physical exhibition since the pandemic began! The current show includes artists from Australia, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Peru, England, Spain, and from New York to California. We will announce the Best of Show during the reception on opening night. Meet the artists and welcome them to our beautiful city. Admission is free and open to the public. Social distancing and masks required.

Our hours of operation will continue as Tuesdays through Saturdays from Noon-5 pm.

Our Mission & Vision

The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art is a place where people from Northern Wisconsin can experience the work and ideas of artists – both living and deceased – to understand the historical, social and cultural context of the art  of our time. WMOCA integrates exhibitions, performances, collections, and educational programs to excite, challenge, and enlighten our visitors.

Our vision will inspire generations of north central Wisconsin residents and visitors from throughout the nation to understand and appreciate the art of our time. We are located in the historic Wausau Club at 309 McClellan Street in the very heart of Wausau’s vibrant downtown, featuring works by nationally & internationally established artists. Our goal is to unleash our region’s creative energy and to engage a broad and diverse audience in conversation about how art connects us, allowing us to grow and thrive as a community.

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309 McClellan St

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Free and open to the public
Tue-Sat: Noon – 5